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Matrix on Windows

// November 11th, 2008 // Comments Off on Matrix on Windows // fun

I just found this great video (sorry for all the fun stuff and no interesting stuff, but this is so funny):


Mac Upgrade

// November 11th, 2008 // Comments Off on Mac Upgrade // fun

I stumbled upon this pretty little comic, and I laughed so much when I read it… it is pretty funny:


Console’s new version is out!!!

// August 25th, 2008 // Comments Off on Console’s new version is out!!! // c++, powershell, windows

Commonality’s Tomas Restrepo beat me to the news (by a couple of days). The new version of Console2 (v2.00b140) is out! Go grab it from their SourceForge page.

This console application makes a great console application, it can use cmd.exe, or Powershell or even bash (using cygwin). This application is very close to what GTerm is and it can also be transparent. The only problem that is see with it, is that there is no selection enabled yet, but it is a beta version.

I still love it. Go an dcheck it out!

The Mojave Experiment

// July 29th, 2008 // Comments Off on The Mojave Experiment // microsoft, windows, Windows Vista

A lot of people in the Industry, especially Linux and Apple guys, are saying that Vista sucks. I have been using it since its release and I have really enjoyed the Operating System. I can’t say I *LOVE* everything about Vista, but I can assure you it is more stable than Linux in the desktop. I have two machines with Linux at home, and before I tweaked the coniguration, they crashed a lot. With every update, there is something that breaks. Both are Debian (a distro which I love), one stable and one experimental. Both have the same problems.

I have to know how everything works inside to make it stable enough to use. With Vista I just click a button and everything gets updated. My two machines with Vista run smooth and I don’t really need to be a Rocket Scientist to make sure that my keyboard doesn’t change from English to another weird thing.

I’m not saying that Vista is better than Linux, because there is no point of comparison. But the experiences are very different. And if I had to choose one over the other, I would choose Vista.

The thing is that in order to get things done in Linux you need to know about operating systems and specific information about how the applications work in order to be safe. And the real truth is that even if I do know how to construct a kernel form scratch that doesn’t really mean I want to spend the rest of my day tweaking configuration files and compiling source code for my OS.

I am Software Developer by choice, and what I want is to create Systems and applications without having to worry about things like recompiling the kernel and compiling source code for applications all the time. It is fun to do on my spare time, because I enjoy learning from other people’s work, but when I have a deadline and job to do, I just want it to work. The real truth is that Vista has been stable and reliable enough to work on it, without a problem.

And for all those guys that WILL mention that XP is faster than Vista, think again. If XP had aero, then it wouldn’t be as fast. Remove the new effects from Vista, and it will run at better performance rates than XP. Vista might not be the panagea that everybody was expecting, but it is a great OS nonetheless.

Ok, after this OS rant (which I will probably be flamed for), I want to talk about an experiment that Microsoft did in the U.S. in order to improve the image of the Product. The Mojave Experiment is called, where a group of people are shown a new Operating System which is being designed by Microsoft and will be released to the public soon. People from the group sit down and play around with the OS for a certain amount of time, and then they give their feedback. After all of the group was finished, the hosts revealed that the operating system they were testing was indeed Vista.

All of them gave positive feedback before they knew it was Vista. So this proves that Marketing and word of mouth does impact the image of everything in this world. It also proves that Windows Vista is a great OS, that would have been accepted perfectly when it came out if it wasn’t for the bad image publicity, specially Apple’s marketing. It is ironic that Applet attacks Microsoft with its advertisements, when the Apple’s stores use Windows.

Stay-at-Home Server..

// January 13th, 2008 // Comments Off on Stay-at-Home Server.. // fun, microsoft

I just stumbled upon this beauty:

Mommy, why is there a server in the house?

It is a children’s book which is focused on explaining the kids the Windows Home Server. I think it is a Marketing beauty. Check it out.