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Emacs Sharing!!

// August 26th, 2008 // 4 Comments » // .net, emacs

I have decided to share my .emacs and csharp snippets (yasnippets) with the community. I have been inspired by Dino Chiesa to post my .emacs. I have expanded this emacs profile since 2001 and I think it has gotten to a point were it is clean and useful. There is still some things I need to remove, since I just began creating snippets for the yasnippets script, I have to remove my custom (sucky) code generation.

I also semi-ported Tomas Restrepo’s molokai color scheme for vim (which he ported from textmate).

Here is my .emacs.

Here is my csharp-snippets.

Here are the color schemes.

Here is a compiled version of all my elisp including the snippets.