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Matrix on Windows

// November 11th, 2008 // Comments Off on Matrix on Windows // fun

I just found this great video (sorry for all the fun stuff and no interesting stuff, but this is so funny):


OpenGL 3.0 Spec Released Today

// August 11th, 2008 // 2 Comments » // directx, linux, OpenGL, software development

I am completely disappointed and utterly depressed. It is sad to see that a very important framework (at least for me) is going to hell. I’m sorry to say that the big problem in the world is not really proprietary software. Something I obviously learned way before, and that is why I left Linux. They all tend to disappoint. Gnome is a perfect example. It sucks, big time. And all of you open source zealots can say whatever you want, but proprietary software is not the problem.

Today, the OpenGL v3.0 spec was released, and it was a complete disappointment (worse than version 2.0). Not even one feature that was promised nearly two years ago is in the spec for version 3.0. The Khronos Group has failed to provide a worthy competitor to DirectX. And, you were right Mr.Stallman, Gates is not the problem, but it isn’t Microsoft or proprietary software. That I’m sure of. DirectX is a really great API, impressively clean and well designed, where OpenGL has been failing since version 2.0 to compete with even a shed of proof of a modern GL API. OpenGL is still poorly organized and it looks a lot more like a bunch stuff thrown under the bed.

While reading through the forums, which I have followed relentlessly, I can only find disappointment spreading through the community. The situation is so serious that people are even thinking on migrating to Vista just to get to work with the latest DirectX version.

I am sorry to say, that while assessing the situation, I am also going to leave OpenGL completly in favor of DirectX. I left Linux a while back because of the same feelings of disappointment, and I guess history repeats itself.

I hope, that with the recent changes in the Emacs maintenance team, the application keeps growing and moving towards the future. I would really feel helplessly depressed if Emacs turned out to be just like Gnome and OpenGL.

Today I mark the death of OpenGL for me, and any hopes of writing Games for Linux. I guess Linux was never meant for me, everything about it keeps disappointing me. (And yes I did see OpenGL as a bridge for me to work in Linux again, I wonder if there are enough bridges for me to keep Linux from drifting farther away from me).

This is indeed a sad, sad day.

Talking about the devil….

// July 30th, 2008 // Comments Off on Talking about the devil…. // fun, linux

Continuing my rant about Linux, I just found the following comic strip from the web comic Cautionary:

cautionary comic strip

P.S.: I have nothing against Linux, I just hate when people spit lies out into the open. In fact I love linux, it has a really good spot in my heart. I just can’t use it to make a living. YET!.

Who writes the Linux Kernel ?

// March 29th, 2007 // Comments Off on Who writes the Linux Kernel ? // linux

I just found a great article about the contributions done to the Linux Kernel. The interesting results is that the biggest contributor to the Linux Kernel is Red Hat. 15% of the contributions to the Kernel are done by developers on Red Hat’s payroll. Where Oracle doesn’t even get close with 1%.

Hi, I’m Linux!

// March 20th, 2007 // Comments Off on Hi, I’m Linux! // fun, linux

I have to say, Novell got it right this time. Checkout this video.
Real good stuff.