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Playing Violence with Violence leads to decadence.

// December 15th, 2006 // 4 Comments » // linux, software development

I have to say I’m disappointed to read that the Linux Kernel is not going to accept any non-GPLed modules, just like proprietary modules (nvidia). This is supposed to be done by 2008. So companies backing proprietary modules like nvidia (which I personally use), are not going to work by 2008.

It is sad. Very sad to see that Open Source developers are just the same as any other developer in the world. I actually saw it coming, like when you see that something wrong is happening and you run and hide under your bed. Well it has happened. But the war is not over. A real Hacker is giving them a fight.

I hope this is just a bad dream. :(

War leaves out no one.

// July 28th, 2006 // Comments Off on War leaves out no one. // software development, war

It is sad how an stupid act of politics, vengance and/or religion can actually change the whole world. I haven’t been a follower of the war in Lebanon, but this story really catched my eye: Lead PHP Developer Quits. The resignation letter is here.

You must think I am crazy because I’m talking about the war in Lebanon and a PHP developer quitting. Believe me there is a relation between the two. The connection between the two is made by the reason of this important PHP developer quitting; the reason is displayed in this article.

UPDATE: Also there seems to be a rumor lying around that Jani left because the Zend founders are israeli and they support the war in Lebanon; I don’t take credit for this information, since it is a pure rumor, I haven’t found anything that points for the Zend creators to be in favor of the war.

Jani, is considered among all his peers as a man pro peace, he has been in Afganistan as an UN Peacekeeper. There is some information from IRC logs lying around forums about something that he said, that even sounded anti-semite. First, I doubt the logs are complete; second if they were to be true and complete, I would doubt that a former UN peacekeeper would change over night. Some people say war does that; I don’t think so.

I have to say, that even thought I am a fan of PHP I don’t know Jani. Most of this information was picked up from the forums at Slashdot and Digg.

I blogged about this because I wannt people to realize that the war hapenning in Lebanon is not so far away from anyone. Today, It hits the PHP and Open Source community.