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State of the Language: C++0x

// August 21st, 2008 // Comments Off on State of the Language: C++0x // c++

I just found this interview with Bjarne Stroustrup in DevX about the current state of the new C++ spec recently tagged as C++0x, and now is known as C++09.

According to the interview, these are just some of the improvements the spec will contain:


  • memory model supporting modern machine architectures
  • Threading ABI
  • atomic types
  • mutexes and locks
  • thread local storage
  • asynchronous message exchange


  • regex: regular expressions
  • unordered_map, etc. (hash tables)
  • smart pointers
  • array: fixed-sized array
  • improvements to containers based on new C++0x features
  • tuples
  • date and time (maybe)
  • various library components to held library builders


  • rvalue references (move semantics)
  • static_assert: static assertions
  • variadic templates
  • strongly typed enumerations with scoped enumerators
  • constexpr: generalized constant expressions
  • control of alignment
  • delegating and inheriting constructors
  • auto: deducing a type from an initializer
  • decltype: a way of using the type of an expression in a declaration
  • control of defaults
  • nullptr: a name for the null pointer
  • a range-based for loop
  • lambda functions
  • raw string literals
  • UTF8 literals
  • concepts (a type system for template arguments)
  • initializer lists and uniform initializations syntax and semantics
  • in-class member initializers

Among others. Go and read the interview, it is very very interesting.