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New Code Hiliter!!!

// November 4th, 2006 // Comments Off on New Code Hiliter!!! // Site, software development

I just began using iG:Syntax Hiliter, it rocks!!!! I changed the face to the highlighter I use in emacs

Just in case you don’t like the pretty colors, just click on PLAIN TEXT, it will give it to you plain…

Site redesign

// August 5th, 2006 // Comments Off on Site redesign // Site

I finally took a decision to keep wordpress as my site’s engine. I was thinking on rewriting my site using moebius lib, but I am too lazy. WordPress works fine. So I went ahead and made some design modifications. I’m getting to know how wordpress works. I may be changing my whole site to wordpress by the end of the month.

BTW, this site’s design looks a lot like my first one. Talking about deja-vú.