Fly with the new Twitter

// December 9th, 2011 // iknode

This morning I heard the news about the new Twitter UI, and got excited. I rushed to the new site created to explain the changes, and began reading. The design and effort put into this site is amazing. And it shows that this is not just another UI updated. This is a model change.This became obvious after I finished reading.

I enjoy Tweeter very much. I can’t say I fully understand their current business model (if there is one), but it is a fun add-on in my life. With these new changes, I see a Business Model and also a service that could become the center of focus not only an addition. This new path clashes in direct competition with Google+ (primarily) and with Facebook.

Twitter now is a worthy competitor of my time against Google+ and Facebook, and this makes it all very exciting. I am eager to see the new Twitter.

Additionally, since all I can think of lately is iKnode, I began to focus on the validity  of our vision, specially looking at it as clear as the new Twitter (or at least it seems to be clear), or as fuzzy as the current one. iKnode’s whole vision is based on the three basic aspects that make a Back-end system:

  1. Application Execution
  2. Data Storage
  3. Task Scheduling
We have been testing Application Execution since November, and next week we release a Document based Data Storage and Task Scheduling. Having those 3 aspects, the vision of iKnode is functionally complete. But that is not all. Those 3 aspects are like the basic colors; you can mix them and get the rest. For example, disconnected services can be easily be implemented with the mixture of the three; another example is guaranteed messaging which can easily be implemented by using a data store and an scheduled task.
We have the minimum feature set that can cover the greatest surface of implementation for back-end systems. I believe we are in the right track for an stable business model, just like tweeter is doing now.

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