Evolution of an UI

// December 9th, 2011 // .net, iknode

We have working hard on iKnode, and one of the things we wanted to improve was the UI. We just recently reduced the top bar to make it less complex, and also changed the icons to a more minimal set.

As we add functionality, iKnode has been growing complex and that has been reflected in the UI. That is exactly why we are taking the time to make it more friendly.

After we published the new UI, I compared it with past releases and I thought the evolution has been amazing, so I decided to put the UIs in a post. Without further ado, here there are starting from the first UI:


iKnode UI v0.8

Version 0.8

iKnode UI v1.0

Version 1.0

iKnode UI v1.1

Version 1.1

iKnode UI v1.5

Version 1.5

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