Alex Espinoza Alex is a software engineer and in some way an artist. He is the founder of iKnode, a down to earth Backend-as-a-service platform implemented in .Net, which takes most of his free time. He designed and implemented the multi-agent infrastructure and comunication architecture that powers iKnode.

Additionally, he enjoys writing code (which has become a very hefty habit), building stuff with his computer, and playing the guitar to the sounds of The Cure and The Gathering. He is passionately in love with Emacs, and refuses to leave it in favor of Visual Studio (which is a very productive tool).

He is happily married to the love of his life, Sophie. It took him over 10 years to convince her to marry him, but fortunately for him, she finally succumbed to his constant begging.

He is well versed in C/C++, C#, Javascript, Java, Emacs Lisp, Python, among others. He is also knowledgeable of Linux, which used to be his passion of college years.

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